Aikamies (fi)
Timeman (eng)

DIRECTOR: Samppa Batal
WRITER: Samppa Batal
Matti Pajulahti, Annika Hartikka, Joel Hirvonen, Jari Kuusisto ja Jaana Saarinen.
CAMERAMAN: Miikka Pakarinen
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Santeri Sirviö
PRODUCERS: Samppa Batal, Miikka Pakarinen ja Tuomas Kohtamäki
GENRE: Drama, Sci-fi


A boy, whose mother used to prohibit his time travel games, has grown into an adult. He executes his everyday life like any man – exercising at the gym, working as a nightclub bouncer and spending his spare time with those who just happened to end up around him. An ordinary day comes to a halt when he runs into a familiar woman – with whom he hasn’t met before. The twosome develop an unprecedented sense of connection which makes them question everything they have believed in. As their self-evident future together starts to shine in the horizon, his repressed childhood enters from behind it. Encountering the past drives at stake both – the hopes for true love and his sense of reality.

Samppa Batal’s ”Timeman” is a romantic and harrowing story about the infinite human need to feel loved.

“Timeman” was selected as the main prize winner of the Free Spirit competition series out of 12 films at the Warsaw Film Festival in October 2022. The Free Spirit Award is given to the director of the film and it’s aimed at innovative and rebellious films.

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