RENDEL: Cycle of Revenge

DIRECTOR: Jesse Haaja
WRITER: Pekka Lehtosaari
Kristofer Gummerus, Sean Cronin, Bruce Payne, Mikko Nousiainen, Kaitlyn Boyé, Jessica Wolff, Tero Salenius, Minna Nevanoja, Jonah Paull
GENRE: Action, Thriller


After losing his family, the masked vigilante RENDEL is caught in a cycle of revenge, destroying the VALA organization piece by piece. VALA’s ruthless leader Christopher “Smiley” Cox is about to release a harmful NH25 vaccine worldwide, which Rendel is trying to stop. A spiral of violence awakens the ghosts of the past and raises the stakes in the battle against a mythical enemy. Can a vigilante be a hero? RENDEL – a Dark Hero of Vengeance.


RENDEL: CYCLE OF REVENGE is an entertaining revenge film with spectacular and brutal action, not to mention mysterious content. Visually spectacular fight scenes and an exotic Nordic atmosphere mixed with a Hollywood setting. The film gives the viewer mysteries and surprising twists with a light-hearted touch. The film is a pioneer in the Finnish action film genre. The Finnish superhero story has been turned into an international entertainment experience with the charismatic Sean Cronin (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, 007: The World is Not Enough) as the villain Smiley. Bruce Payne (Passenger 57, Highlander: Endgame) as Smiley’s grandfather Edward Cox also brings the threat of the past to life. The name character is played by Kris Gummerus (Rendel). This entertaining action film takes the viewer on a fast-paced, humour-fuelled journey to answer the question: what is the difference between a hero and a vigilante?

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